Dragon Age 4: Protagonist Triplets Under Same Umbrella

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Dragon Age 4 has already been confirmed to be in development and fans are expecting the game to arrive somewhere next year.

This means that we are likely to get more information on the game towards the end of this year but until that happens, what sort of plot can you expect from the series’ fourth instalment?

If you ask us, we predict that there will be a change in the way protagonists work in the series. The first Dragon Age Trilogy has introduced a new protagonist with every title released and this may change for Dragon Age 4.

After hearing that Mike Laidlaw has left Bioware after finishing up the plot for Dragon Age 4 and 5, it is safe to assume that the upcoming sequel will be a big build-up to a massive end in Dragon Age 5.

As such, there is no longer a need for Bioware to bring on a new protagonist. The developer may just bring back an old hero from the Trilogy or simply make all three protagonists in the series as a single party for Dragon Age 4.

The craziest (something which would love to see happen) idea is for Dragon Age 4 to adopt a GTA 5 protagonist system where all three protagonists have their own course of action. Now that would be massive.

But of course, this is just an idea for Dragon Age 4. What do you think of it?