Dragon Age 4: Protagonists May Follow GTA 5 Style

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GTA 5 has certainly done the unthinkable as the game offers three playable protagonists in the game’s single player mode. This is something nobody expected and such a style has apparently inspired other game developers to do the same for their games that have a complex plot.

Among them are Bioware and their upcoming video game, Dragon Age 4. The fourth instalment in the Dragon Age series will continue on the events that have taken place in Dragon Age Inquisition and it is tipped to be a massive build-up for the a plot conclusion that will happen in Dragon Age 5.

With that in mind, we can expect a lengthy plot in Dragon Age 4 and it will be one that sets the stage for a major collision of forces in Dragon Age 5. Seeing that the entire Dragon Age series has always welcomed a new protagonist with every title released, it is plausible for Dragon Age 4 to change this front by bringing back an old hero instead of having some new being the face of the game.

Our idea is for Dragon Age 4 to feature the Greywarden, Hawke and the Inquisitor as the main protagonist with a setup that is similar to GTA 5. You may say that the Greywarden is dead but we have a gut feeling that Morrigan’s appearance in Inquisiton may suggests that the old hero is alive and is living in the body of the boy.

Of course, this is just an idea for the game and we would love it if it comes true. Having the old protagonists from the Dragon Age Trilogy assuming lead role in Dragon Age 4 will certainly add to the sequel’s emotional value.