Dragon Age 4: Scoping Into Elven Lore?

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It may not be official yet but Bioware has already started talking about Dragon Age 4 and this is enough to confirm on the game’s development. The sequel to Dragon Age Inquisition is expected to be bigger than Inquisition but what sort of plot will feature on the game?

Bioware already has this figured out when Mike Laidlaw Tweeted that the development team has a story that will span across two Dragon Age titles.

The way we see it, Dragon Age 4 will be nothing more than a bridge to a major happening in Dragon Age 5. It will be like how Dragon Age 2 created the setting for Inquisition. Also, knowing that Solas was the puppeteer in Inquisition, we are fully expecting Dragon Age 4 to explore deeper into the elven race.

But of course, this is just our prediction and you should not expect it to come true. What do you think will be the focus in Dragon Age 4?