Dragon Age 4: Scoping On The Necessary Improvements

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It is official. The next Dragon Age game is in the works at the moment and the confirmation was made by the series story writer, Mike Laidlaw.

Tentatively-known as Dragon Age 4, the game looks set to build on the success of Dragon Age Inquisition. We can certainly look forward to an exciting plot in Dragon Age 4 with many new gameplay features to offer.

However, there are still some things on Dragon Age Inquisition which needs addressing in the next sequel and we have identified three of them. They are as follow:

1. Technicalities
Dragon Age Inquisition is the first ever Dragon Age game that is available on the Xbox One and Sony PS4. However, the game’s graphics is still considered weak and this needs severe improvements in Dragon Age 4.

2. Combat
Combat needs greater balancing from day one onwards. The Rogue class is often overpowered and it needs some nerfing to make it more challenging for every player.

3. Multiplayer Online
Dragon Age 4 must not force multiplayer online as the main focus in the game. Like past Dragon Age titles, Dragon Age 4 must limit multiplayer game play in a separate mode.

What do you think?

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  1. Ryan Bream

    July 20, 2017 at 7:39 am

    This is good news, I didn’t mind the graphics, After all it doesn’t make it feel more real to me considering we are using magic and fighting dragons, the story is more important, It needs to be longer than the last one. I would love to see open world multiplayer not just skirmishes, something like Ghost Recon. If it follows on i would want an import story feature, I want the choice of having my inquisition character as main character if its a follow on. I certainly dont want to end up feeling like my Dragon age 4 character is nothing compared to the inquisitor, Thats something that annoyed me about Dragon age 2, I always felt that the warden was some mythical hero and it took so much away from me even though i was him!