Dragon Age 4: Should Solas Be ‘Save-Able’?

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It is official. Dragon Age 4 is in the works and the sequel to Inquisition is projected to make its debut in 2019. While the details on Dragon Age 4 are not out yet, the events in Inquisition have suggested that the game will be centered on Solas.

The elf character mentioned at the end of Inquisition that he will be starting a war with the world and no words can stop him from doing so. This is because Solas wants to save the elven race, something which was supposed to happen in Inquisition.

With Solas being part of the Inquisition, players may have a close relationship with the character. This makes it likely for Dragon Age 4 to provoke your emotions by making you choose between killing Solas or to side with the character in bringing doom to the world.

The best possible outcome is to have a choice where you can still choose to save Solas as this will open up the opportunity for a new antagonist to feature in the series. What do you think? Should Solas be save-able?