Dragon Age 4: Solas Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

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The ending in Dragon Age Inquisition has made it clear that Dragon Age 4 will be centered on the elven character, Solas. The lad closed Dragon Age Inquisition by sharing that he is going to carry on with a war to save his kind.

However, there is no telling on whether Solas will be the antagonist in the next sequel. The plot in Dragon Age 4 is still uncertain but the thought of fighting Solas certainly sounds exciting.

More importantly, we would love to see more improvements made in Dragon Age 4 like a longer list of hair styles which players can choose from and having old characters from Origins returning to become playable.

We can be certain that this will be the areas where Bioware will look into when developing Dragon Age 4 and we can’t wait to check out what the outcome will be like. What would you love to see in the future sequel?