Dragon Age 4 Storyline To Last A Long Time!

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Back when Bioware revealed that the clues to Dragon Age 4 will be on their next major IP, Anthem, we were left thinking of the things on the sci-fi-themed game that can be ported over to the fantasy series.

Today, we came to realize that gameplay features is not the focus when Bioware tagged Anthem on Dragon Age 4. The game developer is actually referring to the plotline structure in Anthem that will be followed on Dragon Age 4.

In case you are unaware, Anthem will have a live plot whereby the main quest won’t end even after you have completed it. Bioware will continue releasing DLCs that will build the story until it reaches a point where it establishes the foundations for the next sequel.

The Trespasser DLC on Dragon Age Inquisition offers a shallow look at this new direction and it will go into full practice in Dragon Age 4. The question left to be answered is with how long the story support from Bioware will last.

If rumours are to be referred to, Bioware will launch new story DLCs throughout a period of 2 years for Anthem. Should this be the case for Dragon Age 4, it may create a big waiting gap for Dragon Age 5.