Dragon Age 4 Teased In A Form Of New Game?

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At this point, all we know is that Dragon Age 4 will be happening and that Bioware is working on it but that is all. However, according to Bioware, if we want to learn more about what the next Dragon Age will be like, we might want to check out what Anthem will have to offer when it arrives next year.

Anthem will be arriving in February next year and according to Bioware, the game will have some new features that will also be carried over to the next Dragon Age 4 game. They did not say what but some players speculate that it could be the part where the story of the game will continue even after the main quest ends. That means Bioware will have to update the game and continue to work to expand the story after the release.

It is pretty smart for Bioware to do that since it will not only bring more attention to their upcoming MMO sci-fi RPG game but it will also allow them to test out the feature first and work out all the kinks.

The last Dragon Age game did not do as well as they thought it would so hopefully they can redeem themselves with the next game.