Dragon Age 4 Testing Waters With Anthem

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While some people did enjoy the last Dragon Age game, a lot of fans also felt that the game was forgettable. Despite the lukewarm response from the fans, Bioware still thinks that there is a demand for more Dragon Age game and has confirmed that there is going to be a Dragon Age 4.

Although the fourth game has been confirmed, they did not reveal much about what the game will be offering when it arrives. The only hint that was given by Bioware was that Anthem was going to have features that will be carried over to the Dragon Age 4 game.

They did not say which but asked their Dragon Age fans to pay more attention to Anthem which is pretty smart of them since that will not only ensure that Anthem will get some attention when it is released but it is also a great way to see what the fans think of the some of the new features and make any necessary improvement before they release the new Dragon Age 4.