Dragon Age 4: The Four Doable Upgrades It Needs!

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Dragon Age is one of the biggest RPG franchises from Bioware and it is about to welcome a fourth sequel. Bioware made it clear last year that they have commenced developing Dragon Age 4 but the game is not expected to arrive until next year.

At current moment, nobody but Bioware has got a clue as to what Dragon Age 4 will offer. The only thing they’ve said thus far is that they want Dragon Age 4 to focus greatly on the plot. This is a good thing because weak plots have damaged the experience in the original trilogy and it is one of the four upgrades which can turn Dragon Age 4 into the best RPG around.

The upgrades we are personally wishing for are laid out below and we would love to hear your thoughts on them.

1. A plot that is rich in content and caters well to the in-game timeline. We hated how the antagonist in Inquisition disappears mid-game only to ruin the plot’s momentum.

2. A combat that offers greater balance is another upgrade that needs to be done. Inquisition never catered well to mages and warriors. It was a Rogue’s playground and this needs to change.

3. Spell cooldown is due for an overhaul. The fire mine spell takes a long time to cooldown and it gets worst when the damage done does not justify the long waiting time.

4. Last but not least is the return of attractive companions. For straight players like us, we hated how the lady companions gets uglier with every sequel. Bring back Morrigan!