Dragon Age 4: Three Protagonists On The Same Camp?

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Having three protagonists functioning in a single player plot is not entirely impossible at all and this has been proven by Rockstar’s GTA 5. The latter did the unthinkable by offering three main characters in the single player mode and it worked out just fine.

So what if Dragon Age 4 is to adopt the same setup? This is what the rumours are now indicating when they revealed that Dragon Age 4 and the sequels beyond will rely on the three protagonists that were introduced in the first Dragon Age Trilogy.

Prior to Dragon Age 4, every new Dragon Age game brought out a new protagonist and seeing that the overall plot is nearing its grand conclusion, the developers are said to stop introducing new characters and rely on the pool of names which they already have.

In a single party, players can have The GreyWarden, Hakwe and the Inquisitor all in one team whereas names like Cassandra, Morrigan, Lelliana and Alistair will be playable as well.

It is an interesting idea though and we can already imagine the plot having us, the Inquisitor, looking for The GreyWarden and Hawke in Dragon Age 4. Would you welcome such an outcome?