Dragon Age 4 To Witness Greywarden’s Return?

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Greywarden is a special task force in Dragon Age that serves the single most important purpose of all – stopping the blight. The first Dragon Age game was centred on the Greywarden thus signifying its importance in the fantasy realm.

But as sequels go by, the plot has shifted the focus away from Greywardens hence creating the perfect setup for the return of the hero of Ferelden. We gave this idea a lot of thought and we have to say that it can fit well in future Dragon Age sequels.

With Solas preparing a big war to preserve the ancient elven race, the people of Ferelden will cry for a protector and no protagonist does it better than the hero of Ferelden. The only problem is that the protagonist from Dragon Age has gone missing.

Our hypothesis is that the fan-favourite protagonist will be returning in Dragon Age 4 as a teaser before seeing the character returning to the lead role in Dragon Age 5.

Think about it. Morrigan saved the Greywarden’s life by making love to the character. Dragon Age Inquisition saw Morrigan making an appearance an admitting to having a child. With no details being spared, there is the possibility for the Greywarden actually dying after defeating the arch demon but his soul was captured by Morrigan and ‘installed’ into the child.

It is like the tales of the Flemeth and it will only be a matter of time before the child discovers his past life which in turn will unlock a massive power to stop the mayhem in Ferelden.

But of course, this is just our prediction for the Dragon Age Series and we would love it to come true. Do tell us your thoughts and ideas based on our vision above.