Dragon Age 4: What Does The Teaser Revealed?

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Bioware has made it clear from the start that they have not forgotten about the Dragon Age series and revealed that they are working on something. Previously, they did say that some of the features from Anthem will also make its way to the next Dragon Age game.

Since Anthem has not been release that, there is nothing much we can about that piece of information. This week, we also got a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age game.

While it does not reveal the name of the next game, the trailer did made it clear that it will be all about the DreadWolf which is Solas the Mage in Inquisition. The ending of the last game suggest that he might be the main villian for the next game but this new trailer does seem to support that.

Bioware also made it clear that the game is still far from ready so we will just have to sit tight because this is going to be a long wait.