Dragon Age 4: What Will Anthem Tell Us?

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So far, Bioware has already confirmed that they have more planned for the Dragon Age franchise and while they have not revealed much yet, they did say that their next game, Anthem will have some features that will be carried over to Dragon Age 4.

Since Anthem will only be arriving next year, we cannot really test out the game to see what it has to offer but according to some fans, Bioware might be carrying over the live story feature from Anthem.

With the live story feature, the story of the main campaign does not really end. Instead, the developer will continue the story with updates that could go on for years. We could see how that would work nicely for games like Dragon Age 4.

There is really too little information right now. Bioware did promise that a Dragon Age announcement will be happening soon but we are afraid that this might be another mobile app announcement.