Dragon Age 4 Will Be Anthem-Like?

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At this point, the only thing that we know so far is that Dragon Age 4 is in development but we do not know where the story will pick up from or how this new game is going to separate itself from the previous game.

The last Dragon Age game, Inquisition did not go down that well with most of the fans they feel like the story was rather predictable. Fans are hoping that the next game will be better but we won’t know for sure until the game arrives.

According to Bioware, the new Anthem game which will be arriving next year will give us an idea of what to expect from the next Dragon Age game. They did not say which feature will be carried over but did hint that the game will have a clue.

By teasing that, not only will Bioware ensure that people will give Anthem a chance but it will also build up some hype for the new Dragon Age 4 if things work out for Anthem.