Dragon Age 4 Will Use Anthem To Test The Waters

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Bioware has already announced that Dragon Age 4 is going to happen which is nice but so far, that is the only real detail we have about the game.

For fans that are hoping to learn more about what Dragon Age 4 will be offering when it arrives, Bioware is saying that we should check out their upcoming game Anthem as the game will be sharing some features with Dragon Age 4.

They did not specifically say what but some fans are speculating that it could be the live ending where the story will go on even after the main campaign ends. To do so, Bioware will have to make sure they keep updating the game after the game is released and keep the story going.

It is pretty smart for Bioware to test out the feature on their new Anthem game first. This way, they can actually see what works and what does not work and perfect it for Dragon Age 4 which would have more following than the new game.