Dragon Age 4 Won’t Be As Big As Inquisition?

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Dragon Age 4 is confirmed to be in developments and fans of the fantasy series can’t wait to see what the game will have to offer. The sequel to Dragon Age Inquisition is expected to be bigger with more playable areas but we now don’t think that this is going to be the outcome.

Developer Mike Laidlaw teased on Twitter that Dragon Age 4 will continue on the cliffhanger in Dragon Age Inquisition. The plot has been set and it will drag on into Dragon Age 5.

We don’t know about you but this like what Bioware said when working on Dragon Age 2. Back then, Bioware mentioned that Dragon Age 2’s plot has been set and it ends in Inquisition. Dragon Age 2 ended up acting like a bridge for a major happening in Inquisition hence we can expect Dragon Age 4 to be no different.

While nothing is confirmed as of yet, we wouldn’t mind such an outcome as long as Dragon Age 4 is to offer more excitement and challenges than Dragon Age Inquisition. Wouldn’t you agree?