Dragon Age: Mike’s Farewell Could End It All In DA5

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One of the things that made the Dragon Age franchise really popular in the gaming industry is the exciting plot which the main series offer. Part of the credits goes to Mike Laidlaw, who was involved in the story development for every Dragon Age title out there.

About a month ago, Mike revealed that he had just finish up the plot for Dragon Age 4 and Dragon Age 5 which then confirms that the future sequels will be related to the current trilogy.

Well, it is sad for us to say that Mike’s work will conclude in Dragon Age 5 as the lad has officially left Bioware. Mike took it to Twitter earlier this month to share this sad piece of news and it got the fans paying homage to the so-called father of the Dragon Age Series.

If Mike’s exit is to suggest anything, the adventure that started in Dragon Age will look to end in Dragon Age 5. Following that, a fresh new plot and protagonist will be needed to take the series forward. What do you think?