Dreams For PS4 Has A Release Window?

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Dreams by Media Molecule has been announced for some time now and fans have been waiting for the game to arrive for years and it looks like we might finally have a release window for the PS4 game.

Previous announcemnet suggest that the game will be arriving in 2019 which is a huge window but now, the developer has added that the game will be arriving in the spring which is a much smaller window. In fact, it is sooner than we thought it would be.

Do take not that it will only be the early access version of the game and not the full game. According to the developer, it will be getting 100% of the same Dream tool and interactive tutorials. They will be adding mroe features along the way along with new tutorials, arcade levels and asset.

The early access version will retail for $30 on the PlayStation Store. No word on when we will be seeing the full game.