Dusk: New Cheat Will Make Game Even More Satisfying

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As if the game Dusk is not satisfying enough, there is now a few new cheats that will allow you to rain down on your enemies from above.

These new built-in cheats were pointed out by Dave Oshry on his twitter. By combining the right tweets, you can turn yourself into an attack helicopter with infinite ammo, extremely fast firing speed and more. The cheat you need to use according to Oshry is NBUFO for flying, NBKFA to get full health, ammo, keys, and weapons. NBULLETS for infinite ammo, NBFF to double your firing speed. Stack the last cheat to stack it until you get to 8x speed.

Of course, if flying is not your thing but you still want to feel like a god, there is the NBFROG cheat which will let you increase your jump height. This stack as well so go crazy with that.