Dying Light 2 New Trailer Sets The Mood

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Among the many trailers that Square Enix had prepared for E3 2019 this year was a new one for the upcoming Dying Light 2 game.

The new trailer for the first-person game set the mood for what the game will be about with moody music and a demo of how the character will get to travel on the rooftops. Square Enix only just took up distribution for the game which is why the trailer was part of their press conference.

This new game will take place 15 years after the first game where the zombie apocalypse have already become a part of the daily life. Square Enix also reveal that the game will be arriving in the Spring of 2020.

Besides offering us a new trailer for Dying Light 2, we also got to see a few other important trailers like the one for Final Fantasy 2 Remake and more.

Which E3 2019 announcement were you most excited to hear about?