E3 2020 Date Announced One Year Beforehand As Usual

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We are still trying to process all the new announcement and trailer that we got to see and hear at E3 2019 and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is already hyping us up for next year’s event.

Although it was reported that the attendance at E3 2019 was lower than previous years, it looks like EA is not going to stop the show anytime soon as they announce the date for E3 2020 which is set to be on the 9th to 11th of June.

Some people think that the attendance drop this year might have something to do with some of the biggest names not showing up. Sony decided not to attend the event this year and since they are usually the one with the biggest booth, a lot of people felt like there was something missing this year.

We do know that Microsoft will continue to support E3 as they have already announced that they will have some Halo Infinite details to show next year.