EA Open-World Star Wars Game Cancelled?

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One of the Star Wars game that was promised by EA was an open-world Star Wars game and while we’ve not been hearing much about the game, most people just assume that EA is working hard to keep it away from the public.

However, according to the reports, after taking over the game from Visceral Games and turning it into an open-world adventure game, EA might have decided to kill it off as they decide it was too much to handle. This was reported by Kotaku.

After the story was released, EA responded by saying that their team in Vancouver will continue to work on future Star Wars content and games and that they are fully committed to making more Star Wars game. This does not confirm or deny the report from Kotaku so we will have to wait and see.

It is believed that EA might have killed off the Open world game in favor of a simpler Star Wars game that won’t take so long to get completed.