Elder Scrolls 6 May Try Creating A Border War!

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Elder Scrolls 6 has been officially confirmed by Bethesda and its reveal came together with a title video of the game. As far as things go, the clip is the only clue fans have on Elder Scrolls 6 and observing it actually helps paint a rough idea on what the game will have to offer.

If you are to do just that, you will notice the environment in the title video fits the description of Hammerfell and High Rock perfectly. The long shoreline paired with numerous narrow mountains have been described in the Elder Scrolls lore.

When you keep in mind that Bethesda promises to make Elder Scrolls 6 bigger than any other title in the series, it is likely for you to expect the sequel to feature both Hammerfell and High Rock within a single title.

The two regions are governed by two very different systems and this can create a potential for a border war. Imagine having the ability to pick a side and command an army. Such a happening will certainly add depth and dimension into the fantasy series. We sure hope that it will come true.