Elder Scrolls 6: Will It Be A Criminal Life Once More?

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Those that have played and followed the Elder Scrolls franchise long enough will know that the game usually starts with you being a criminal. In Morrowind, we started out by getting deported on a boat to the Isle of Vvardenfell. In Oblivion, we started out as a prisoner in Cyrodiil and in Skyrim, we got caught in an Imperial ambush when trying to cross the borders.

If Bethesda were to continue with this kind of start to the next game, we would most likely start off as some criminal as well.

Of course, as of now, there is really not many details about the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 game. Bethesda did announce the game and gave us an announcement trailer but that it. Based on what we can see from the trailer, it is believed that the next game could be set in Hammerfell or Highrock which is not what the fans have predicted in the start but we are excited to see where Bethesda is going to take this game next.

What are you hoping to see?