Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon & Elsweyr Announced For 2019

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This year will be the fifth anniversary for The Elder Scrolls Online and Bethesda is looking to celebrate it with a huge expansion that will be set in Elsweyr and a few more DLCs for the game.

The new Elsweyr expansion will be launch on the 4th of June and will take place in Khajit. This expansion will bring in new quest for veteran players but it will also be a new starting point for the new players.

Bethesda also revealed their plans to their annual Season of the Dragon event which will inlcude 4 DLCs this year. The trailer showed that dragos have return to Tamriel. The dragon will also be a part of a major event.

The first jey update will be happening in Q1 with Wrathstone. This DLC will include new dungeon content that players can explore before Elsweyr opens up. This is going to be an exciting year fpr Elder Scrolls Online fans.