Epic Games: It’s One Lawsuit After Another

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Epic Games have been on the headlines for most of 2018 and this is due to the success of Fortnite Battle Royale. But in recent months, most of the headlines are about Epic Games getting sued by PUBG.

Today, the topic reaches a close after PUBG revealed that they are dropping the lawsuit for the greater good and this is especially after realizing that Epic Games have got the power to destroy Battleground.

Just when we thought that the corporate battles are over for Epic Games, the company has decided to tangle itself on another lawsuit. Only this time, Epic Games is the one firing the shot and it is towards a QA contractor.

The word is that Epic Games are not happy with details on Fortnite upcoming update getting leaked online via their QA contractor and they want to take action against the company.

It will be a heavy price for the QA contractor to pay whereas for Epic Games, they will look to enjoy the gains from this lawsuit.