Epic Games Store New Free Game Announced

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Epic Games’ free game promotion has brought us some interesting game and now they have announced the next game that people can download and play for free now.

Called the City of Brass, the game is a dungeon crawler that is set of a Arabia Night-inspired city. The game can already be downloaded right now and will stay there until the 6th of June. Like the other Epic free games, this will stay playable after you have downloaded it.

City of Brass has already been released on the Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch but of course, you can only get it for free if you play it on PC right now. The normal price for the game will be $19.99.

The game was commented for its satisfying combat and well-planned difficulty curve but some people felt like the game can get a little too repetitive after some time. Epic Games will continue to offer a few more free games so stay tuned if you want to learn more about the next free game that they will be offering.