Escape From Tarkov: New Location, New Boss

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Escape from Tarkov is still in its closed beta stage right now but the developers have another update ready to those that have access to the closed beta version along with a new trailer to show us what is to come. Based on the new trailer, it looks like the update will add a new underground laboratory to the game along with a new scav boss.

Besides that, we will also get a long list of new items that will come with the 0.11 update. The new location is called the TerraGroup Labs and it will be the sixth location to come to the FPS. The laboratory is a secret facility beneath the middle of Tarkov and is full of raiders. You also need to fight Killa, the boss with a light machine gun and heavy armor.

No release date was given yet but Battlestate did issue DMCA claims against YouTuber Eroktic citing piracy and unfair use of content for monetization.