Fable 4: 2018 Hopes Dashed By Empty-Headed Microsoft

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The Fable series may not be the best RPG series around but it does offer a unique gameplay experience which makes it popular to a large number of gamers.

The cartoonish and wacky nature of the Fable series has got the fans hoping for more in the future sequel – Fable 4 and it’s good to know that the rumours are suggesting Fable 4 to be in the works. The word is that Fable 4 is coming out next year and it will become the first Microsoft-exclusive massive RPG to hit the Xbox One X.

Everything sure sounds exciting until Microsoft decided to come out and play down the hype for Fable 4. Microsoft revealed that they are in deep love with Fable and it is likely for them to keep the series alive.

The unfortunate thing here is that Microsoft is still exploring ideas on how they can make Fable great again through Fable 4. This very statement suggests that Fable 4 is barely getting started and it confirms that the game is still far away from making its debut.