Fable 4 To Rival Skyrim, Dragon Age?

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The manner which most fantasy-themed RPGs are created is pretty straightforward. They must have a large ‘open-world’ landmass, a rich plot, complex weapon system and magic. What separates one RPG from another is the way the gameplay is executed.

Take Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim and Dragon Age Inquisition as an example. When it comes to storyline and in-game interactivity, major reviewers have scored Dragon Age higher. But when it comes to combat, open-world elements and in-depth contents, Skyrim takes the win.

This leaves us with a golden question. Where can we slot Fable? The RPG title from Microsoft can be fun to play although it may not feel as real as Skyrim or as decisive as Dragon Age. With Fable 4 on the cards, Microsoft may just pull a stunner and make the upcoming sequel better than the biggest RPGs in the market right now.

Microsoft said that the developers have loads of ideas for Fable 4 and the sequel will be many times bigger than Fable 3. As such, it will take a while before they can tease on the things coming to Fable 4.

No details were provided in that statement from Microsoft but it does help raised expectations for Fable 4.