Fable 4 Wants To Be As Big As Skyrim, Inquisition!

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Fable is a Microsoft-exclusive RPG series that is pretty fun to play but it is nowhere near as big as Elder Scrolls Skyrim or Dragon Age Inquisition. Perhaps, this is something which the developers are hoping to change and the idea is being teased by Microsoft.

Microsoft addressed the Fable 4 rumours very recently ago by saying that they really want to keep the series alive and they have been brainstorming ideas for the development of the next major Fable instalment.

Microsoft also indicated that the one Fable 4 to be bigger than previous Fable titles hence you can assume more back stories, combat mechanics and a much larger landmass.

Rumours are also backing up Fable 4 to be as big as Skyrim or Inquisition when they claimed that Fable 4 was actually planned for this year but Microsoft chose to release Fable Fortune instead to buy them more time for Fable 4’s development.

Personally, we can’t imagine how Fable 4 will be like if it is going to be as big as Skyrim or Inquisition but being an RPG maniac, any outcome will be good for us.