Fable 4: Will It Compete With Skyrim, Inquisition?

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Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Dragon Age Inquisition are two of the biggest RPG games right now and their massive offerings are enough to satisfy any RPG lovers.

For Skyrim, the game excels at offering ‘limitless’ content with an interesting lore to play in. Meanwhile, Inquisition’s biggest strength is its interactivity mechanics just like any other Bioware-made RPG titles.

Soon, a new RPG will be coming out and it is Fable 4. The long-anticipated sequel to Fable 3 is something Microsoft is keen on offering and their last reveal has technically confirmed the game’s development.

Microsoft didn’t provide any details on what is to come in Fable 4 but they did tease that the game will have a massive landmass with an automated content generator. The interactivity aspect of the game will also get improved on as every action in Fable 4 will have its consequences.

The thing here is that past Fable titles have offered a fun, one-of-a-kind, cartoonish RPG experience hence we can’t imagine the amount of changes that will happen in Fable 4. Could the next sequel be a potential competitor for Skyrim and Inquisition?