Fallout 4: You Should Start Farming On Ghouls

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So we have spent hours of gameplay time on Fallout 4 and have saved up plenty of caps to purchase the things we need. We have spent perk points on shooting stats, we have travelled to Vault 81 and we got ourselves an Overseers Guardian.

The weapon is described as one of the best in the Wasteland and it gave us that much needed confidence to face a ghoul. Hence we took a step further to hunt for a Legendary Ghoul and after a fierce fight, we manage to slay the creature.

When picking up the loot, we were shocked to find an Overseer Guardian being dropped by the Legendary Ghoul. This is upsetting to say the least and following that, our farming methods have been about killing Ghouls.

Apparently, these creatures often drop great items and we suggest you should do the same. This is unless you have a better recommendation aside from just killing ghouls.