Fallout 76 Dev In For The Long Ride

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The new Fallout 76 game has reached millions of the players worldwide but the game is far from perfect as fans pointed one the few glaring issues with the game. Well, Bethesda is ready to work on those issue as they came out to say that they acknowledge some of the issues that the game has and is ready to release updates for the game in years to come.

According to Bethesda, they are following the feedbacks surrounding the game and are aware of some of the issues that their fans are having. In response to that, they are working on a few update release with fixes for the issues and also new features for the game.

Bethesda also reassured fans that they have a long list of incredible updates for Fallout 76 which includes new quests and events and more Vaults. Bethesda has made it clear from the start that they are hoping that Fallout 76 will last “until the sun burns out” and it looks like they are still committed to that goal.

The next update will be arriving on the 4th of December.