Fallout 76: Developers Working To Balance It Out

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While Bethesda had released a few updates for the game to further improve it after its release, the game is still far from perfect but Bethesda is looking to resolve that by releasing a new update whcih will not only balance out the game but also fix a long list of bugs that their fans have reported.

The new patch will be 3.5GB and 500MB for PC and some of the changes that we can expect to see from the udpate is the weight limit which will now be 1500 pounds over the character’s current maximum carry weight. Start doing the maths.

They explain that this change was made so that the servers can perform better as too many items would affect the server. Fans will also find “Known” and “Owned” tags on their recipes, plans and turrets. The Vendor’s plan and recipes are also not randomized anymore.

This will one of the many updates that we will be getting from Bethesda this year as they promise that they are in for the long haul.