Fallout 76 Expansion Pushed Back!

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Fallout 76 players that are looking forward to the next Fallout 76 expansion will have to wait a little longer for the update now as the developer announced that they will be pushing the release back.

However, before you start getting upset, the delay is a pretty short one and it will still be released this week. Instead of getting released on the 12th of March, the expansion will only be released on the 13th of March.

According to Bethesda, the delay was just them wanting to have a little more time with the game. The new expansion, called Wild Appalachia will come with a new game mode along with two new quests called Shear Terror and Ever Upwards which will have new stories. Survival will be the new game mode that is basically a PvP variation of Fallout 76’s Adventure mode.

After this, we can expect to see two more expansion that will be arriving this year.