Fallout 76 Is Trying Too Hard To Please Solo Players!

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The games from the Fallout franchise has always been about a single-player experience in a post-apocalyptic world and this is, perhaps, the reason why Bethesda has been promoting Fallout 76 as an online video game that is friendly to solo players.

But as newer information on Fallout 76 emerges online, it suggests that the game is best played with friends instead of being alone. The latest reveal is about the quests in Fallout 76 which will come with a feature called ‘Events’.

This particular feature will basically bring up random quests in the online platform and Bethesda specifically quoted it to be tailored for teams of multiplayers.

The other thing that was revealed by Bethesda very recently ago is that the NPCs in Fallout 76 won’t be as interesting as other human players in the Fallout 76 lobby.

With these in mind, it strongly indicates that single-player is not the primary approach in Fallout 76 and hoping for too much will bring disappointment. Fallout 76 is made to be the first standalone online game in the Fallout series and this is basically a definition of a multiplayer post-apocalyptic world.