Fallout 76 Loses Their Explosive Feature

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Players of Fallout 76 notice that they could not actually launch the nuclear weapons in the game and luckily, Fallout developer Bethesda is already aware of the issue and is working to fix it right now.

Nuclear launch codes are reset every week on Monday and players will have to battle through enemies to find the new codes. With the codes, they can go to a nuclear silo and launch them on a spot in the map to punish other players so to just add more radiation to a spot and create more high level mutated enemies.

However, that code did not work this week. Bethesda quickly acknowledges that they are aware of the issue and is working on it. On the 2nd of January, the game went down for maintenance but came back up a few hours later.

Despite the success of the game, Fallout 76 has been plagued with issues after issue but luckily Bethesda was quick to fix most of the major issue and has continued to work on and releasing updates for the other bugs.