Fallout 76 Patch Detailed, New Mode

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Bethesda has made it clear that they are in for the long run when it comes to Fallout 76 so we can expect a lot more features to come. So what will we be seeing in the next update?

According to Bethesda, the next update will come with a new Survival model that is said to be a more challenging Pvp experience. Bethsda explain that their more competitive players have asked for something more challenging and more incentives and this is their answer to that.

When the Survival mode arrives, players will get to choose from the Adventure mode or the Survival model. Both will come with the same quest, event and story but of course, for Survival mode, things will be tougher as all other players that are not your teammates will be hostile.

Bethesda is still trying to work out all the feautres right now but they ddi say that the seek revenge respawn option will not be offered, instead, players will repawn at their CAMP or Vault 76.

It is suggested that Survival beta will be arriving in March and before that, we will be getting another patch which will fix some of the existing bugs.