Fallout 76 Patch Will Fix A Whole Bunch Of Issue

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Bethesda is ready to release the Fallout 76 update and it looks like the next update is going to be a huge one and it is coming sooner than what was hinted.

According to Bethesda, the update will be arriving on the 10th of January instead of the 14th of January so we will be getting it 4 days earlier. Those on the PS4 and Xbox One console will have to wait another week before they see the update arrive.

Bethesda also added that the patch will come with 150 fixes. They did not reveal what those bugs will be but with such a long list, we would predict that most of the major bugs will be address this time around.

One of the reasons by Bethesda is releasing it on PC first because it would give them the chance to make more changes if needed before they start releasing the updates to the consoles. Bethesda is also feeling a little grateful this month as they are offering fans that logged into the full version of Fallout 76 before 2018 ended a few Fallout Classic Collection.