Fallout 76: Resources Not Needed With New Kit But Not Exactly Free

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Bethesda will be adding more more features to Fallout 76 inlcding the new repair kits. As the name itself would suggest, repair kits can be used to repair weapons and armor without using your resources.

The new item was added to the game as it was one of the item that was highly requested by the fans. There are two kinds of kits, the basic kit which is for single use and the imporved kits which are also single use but it will be able to repair an item to 150% condition instead of 100%.

The basic kit is available on the Atomic Shop and can be purchase through microstransaction while the improved kits can only be earned by completing in-game content.

The new repair kits will be added to the game with the Patch 8 which will be arriving on the 9th of April. After the patch release, Bethesda will follow up with the release of the Wild Appalachia expansion which will be coming on the 16th of April.