Fallout 76: Start Selling Your Goods

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Bethesda has made it clear that they are ready to support Fallout 76 as long as they can and that includes bringing in new features from time to time. The latest feature that will be added to Fallout 76 is the ability to set up your own shop.

Bethesda started the new year with a blog update revealing some of the plans that Bethesda has for the game. They brought up things like the new PVP mode, new quests, new Vaults opening as well as a new Player Vending feature.

This would be a nice addition to the game as it will give players more reason to interact with each other in a non-combat interaction so that they can fulfill the goal of making the game into a community like system.

Despite the popularity of the game, the game is far from perfect as fans came across new bugs and issues every week or so. There also the issue of personal data leak and the whole refund policy issue but Bethesda is still working hard to work on those and to make the experience better for their fans.