Fallout 76 To Allow Modding In November

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In less than a week from now, Fallout 76 will turn gold and those that have pre-ordered the game can look forward to experiencing the massive post-apocalyptic world in the franchise’s first ever multiplayer-focussed title.

But if you’re a huge sucker for modding and creating your own contents, you may not want to rush the purchase of Fallout 76 because the game won’t have any support for this hobby.

It’s not surprising really as Fallout 76 is a multiplayer-online video game and you can’t force a change on the landscape to everyone just because you like it better that way. But even with that in mind, Bethesda is still open to the modding community and they will work towards allowing it at a later date.

The game developer revealed that their primary focus is to ensure a smooth launch for Fallout 76. If there is no problem with the game, Bethesda will then polish the private servers with strong support for mods.

Bethesda concluded by saying that it will all depend on how quick Fallout 76 will achieve stability and the earliest possible period is towards the end of November next month.