Fallout 76 Will Have Lots To Keep Fans Busy This Year

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It was a shaky start for Fallout 76 but Bethesda has made it clear from the start that they will keep supporting Fallout 76 as long as they can and that includes constantly offering new content and updates for the game.

Bethesda has now released the roadmap for 2019 showing us what to expect for Fallout 76 this year. The next expansion will be released on the 12th of March and the update will include a new game mode as well as two new quests, Shear Terror and Ever Upwards.

Survival will be the new game mode which is a high stakes PvP variation of Adventure Mode.

There will also be an update in the Summer that will also come with new modes and features as well. The new mode will be Nuclear Winter. More content will also be released in the fall called Wastelanders with new main questline, events, factions, features and more.