Far Cry 5 Has Got Some Serious Weapon Balancing Issues

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Far Cry 5 is the latest AAA video game from Ubisoft and it had just gotten better after a content update brought in a new plot as well as Infamous difficulty.

The latter, in particular, managed to reel in the gamers back on Far Cry 5 as they look forward to completing the game in its most challenging state. But then again, the experience has been sour because Infamous difficulty only made the enemies more resistant to death.

In detail, players will need to spray magazines after magazines of bullets just to kill a handful of enemies in Far Cry 5. We find this very strange because throwing a shovel can take-out an enemy instantaneously.

Infamous difficulty has basically exposed Far Cry 5’s poor weapons balancing as well as Ubisoft’s lack of effort into making the game more challenging. Somebody should tell the developers that they must balance out the weapon damages first before even thinking about improving Infamous.