Far Cry 5’s New Infamous Difficulty Is Just Bad

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Ever since Darks Souls became a hit in the gaming scene, game producers have turned ‘nightmare’ difficulty into a special offering for gamers that wants to experience a challenge like no other.

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 is the latest to follow this trend after an update brought in a new difficulty mode called Infamous. The developers revealed that Infamous difficulty will make Far Cry 5 so tough to beat that players will appreciate the challenge.

But for us, we don’t see Infamous as something that has improved the Far Cry experience as it offers nothing more than an artificial game-lengthening setup. The fault here is with making enemies in Far Cry 5 become more resistant to death. You will need to spray magazines after magazines to defeat an enemy – something that isn’t fun at all.

Ubisoft should realize that a nightmare difficulty can be perfectly executed by making enemies smarter and the player being more prone to death instead of turning enemies into bullet sponge.