FIFA 19, Battlefront 3: No Microtransactions Confirmed?

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After bottling it with Star Wars Battlefront 2 through the overuse of loot boxes in the game, EA has decided to make amends by limiting microtransactions in their future titles.

If that is not good enough, you will be pleased to hear that EA will not have any elements of loot boxes or microtransactions at all in FIFA 2019 and Battlefront 3. The two video games are slated to arrive in Q3 2018 and Q2 2019 respectively and they will be made to offer a fun experience that isn’t piloted by greed.

One may call it a miracle because EA and microtransactions are technically synonymous to one another that it is impossible to tear them apart.

It’s just too bad that the miracle is only happening in the alternate universe as EA’s reveal never happened and the reports that made such claims admitted to playing an April Fools prank on the masses. What a bummer!