FIFA 19: Can ‘King Stay’ Counter Series’ Decline?

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FIFA 19 is the next major video game to come from EA Sports and it promises to be a huge leap from FIFA 18. This was promised by EA when the game publisher revealed that they have heard the feedback from the fans and would love to do better in FIFA 19.

As of today, it has already been confirmed that FIFA 19’s Career Mode will finally see some changes and among them is with the addition of more cinematic elements. Another thing worth noting is that there will be a special game mode called Survival Mode.

The latter is basically a mode where players compete with others continuously until they lose. This is exciting to see as players will definitely do their best to last the longest in the game.

But then again, having Survival Mode in FIFA 19 won’t matter if technical issues are prominent in the title. Fans have grown frustrated by the half-baked offerings in previous FIFA titles and they will need to see FIFA 19 in full motion before deciding to play the game.