FIFA 19: Missing Small Feature Is Enough Proof Of EA’s Laziness

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The world of football video games is now being held hostage by EA Sports as they are the only game developer that has the licenses to every major name in the real-world footballing scene.

FIFA 19 will enhance more on that as it will welcome the use of UEFA licenses that includes the Europa League and the Champions League. But if you’re a Career Mode player, FIFA 19 is a game which you should skip and we have a good reason why.

EA has been lazy and they never really offered a note-worthy upgrade for the series’ Career Mode. The only pleasing additions are more training modes and some interface redesigns.

A number of issues from previous FIFA entries are still noticeable in FIFA 19 and the most frustrating of them all is the inability to view a league table based on your sorting preferences.

It’s a very simple tool which EA can offer easily and the fact that they never budged into doing so just goes to show how little attention was given to FIFA 19’s Career Mode.